Tales from Grandpa Joe, A Picture Book Treasury

5 Books in 1
In each story, Grandpa Joe (the hedgehog) helps his grandson Eddie voice his worries through stories of other animals and the challenges that they overcame. In those thoughtful, creative stories, Grandpa provides a new perspective, enabling Eddie to devise the right solution to his problem.

Each story contains helpful tips for parents and kids who may be dealing with the situation and includes insights from Ruth Israel, a child psychotherapist, and parent consultant.

By Tammy Lempert

A Picture Book Treasury

A collection of stories to help kids with social emotional learning and feelings for ages 4-8

Want to help your child overcome the difficulties they may face in daily life?
Let Grandpa Joe’s stories help your kids identify, acknowledge and regulate their feelings and emotions. Kids will follow along as characters in the tales deal with emotions of their own – many of which your own child may experience in their day-to-day life.


Tammy Lempert


Tammy Lempert

Tammy Lempert, author & illustrator began making up stories to entertain her three children. Through enjoyable tales and beautiful illustrations, Tammy wishes to bring values of kindness and friendship along with a mindfulness philosophy to children everywhere. She adores good humor and fun, both of which are well reflected in her stories and vivid illustrations.

In her book series Tales From Grandpa Joe, she introduces us to Grandpa Joe, a loving hedgehog who always knows with just a glance if his grandson Eddie is experiencing any trouble. Through Grandpa Joe’s funny, exciting stories, Eddie is given a perspective to help him come up with creative solutions to his problems.
Tammy hopes her books will delight young readers as well as provide meaningful values and helpful tools for life that are fun and easy to understand.

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Tales From Grandpa Joe - Thr T-Rex That Didn't Belong by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

The T-Rex That Didn’t Belong 

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Meet T-Rex. He’s a scary dinosaur with a tender soul. All he wants is a friend to hang out with.
But trying to find a friend is hard when everyone is running away.

Tales From Grandpa Joe - The Sleepless Bunny by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

The Sleepless Bunny

Tales From Grandpa Joe

When Bunny can’t fall asleep because his mind is overloaded with thoughts, he finds fun and creative ways to calm his mind. Will the enchanting journey help Bunny finally fall asleep?

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Tortoise Gets Bullied by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Tortoise Gets Bullied

Tales From Grandpa Joe

When Tortoise wakes up one morning with a strange feeling on his shell, he quickly realizes he has an unwanted guest. A stork has claimed his shell as her nest site and nothing he can do seems to make her leave. 

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Piper Becomes a Big Sister by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Piper Becomes a Big Sister

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Eddie is worried about the arrival of a little brother or sister. This time Grandpa Joe tells Eddie about a cat named Piper who is facing the same thing. Can Piper find the best solution to deal with the arrival of her new sibling and help Eddie out along the way?

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Ellie is Moving by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Ellie is Moving

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Eddie is upset. Last night, his mom had told him they would be moving to a new house. He fears he won’t be able to make new friends. Will he overcome and even get excited about the big move?

All Winter Long - The Prequel - Tales From Grandpa Joe Book Series by Tammy Lempert

All Winter Long

Tales From Grandpa Joe

When Eddie, a cute hedgehog is allowed to spend the whole winter at Grandpa Joe’s house he is so excited he just can’t settle down. To help him sleep, Grandpa decides to tell Eddie all about his adventures around the world

Dinosaur Lovers Activity Book 1 by Tammy Lempert Author and illustrator

Dinosaur Lovers Activity
Book 1

Dino Activities and Fun Facts for Children Ages 4-8

Dinosaur Lovers Activity Book 2 by Tammy Lempert Author and illustrator

Dinosaur Lovers Activity
Book 2

Dino Activities and Fun Facts for Children Ages 4-8

Here I Am - Bunny's Baby Memory Book

Here I Am – Bunny’s Baby Memory Book

Beautiful Baby Journal for First Five Years

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Baby Memory Book

Baby Memory Book

Beautifully drawn 50 pages with original storytelling artwork.


Baby Memory Book Milestones Stickers

Baby Milestone Stickers

20 Gender Neutral Baby Monthly Milestone Printable Stickers.

Eddie Door Signs from Grandpa joe's Tales book series by Tammy Lempert

Custom Door Sign

With your kid’s name and the loving characters from “Grandpa Joe’s Tales” book series.

TRex Kids Affirmations Wall Art Blue Blue

Kids Affirmation Wall Art

With your kid’s name and the loving characters from “Grandpa Joe’s Tales” book series.


An excellent choice for parents. Tammy Lempert has created a book that is appropriate for children in a variety of ways. Grandpa Joe exemplifies an appropriate environment for children to feel safe and comfortable exploring and verbalizing their emotions and concerns. This is a book that I strongly advise parents to purchase.

Paula García Lasa
 Readers’ Favorite


Such a sweet story we haven’t read for a while. Bunny is one cute figure that sails on the wings of imagination which gives you great ideas on what to dream of in your upcoming sleep. the drawings make the story so vivid and beautiful to look at. It’s such a story you read to your son over and over again and it sounds after a few times like a song. we enjoy it!



Tammy Lempert has amazed me once again with her creativity. Every story she writes oozes imagination. She is great at coming up with solutions to problems children may be experiencing, and displaying them through lovable characters. As well as being a talented children’s author, Tammy also illustrates adorable characters in her books. 

Amy Louise Hill
Readers’ Favorite

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