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Mentoring & COACHING

With one-on-one mentoring, I will be helping you with every step of the Self-Publishing process.
Including • Marketing Plan • Keyword/category analysis • Launch team setup • Email marketing plan • KDP/IngramSpark account setup  • and more

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By creating outstanding marketing tools I will boost your brand.
Let’s draw people in to make your book stand out.
• Book mockups • Stunning A+ content • An amazing, converting responsive website to gather your subscribers, and combine it with a mailing service.

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    graphic design

    I will assist you in formatting your book in accordance with the requirements of the publisher you select.

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    Tammy Lempert


    Graphic Design

    Enhance your book’s attraction to readers and the significance of your story by doing so.
    Let’s brighten up your book both offline and online!

    Mentoring & Coaching

    With my coaching, I will walk you through the process of self-publishing your children’s book step by step and show you how to avoid common self-publishing mistakes.
    It can be a difficult and perplexing process. I’m going to walk you through the entire process step-by-step to make your dream come true!


    Expand your audience, interact with readers, and sell books like a pro.
    I’ll assist you with boosting the visibility and interest in your book and brand.
    Let’s connect you with your ideal audience!

    You want all your services under one roof, don’t you?

    I’m here to help your book stand out and give it the polish it needs to be published!
    As an expert in Self-Publishing and Author Services, you can choose what I can help with.
    Take action right now and save yourself time and money.

    Let’s make your book stand out!


    Thanks to the complete self-publishing services, I was able to transfer my literally dream into a reality. Their comprehensive support, expert guidance and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in my book’s success and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Tammy demonstrated A genuine interest in my project she took the time to understand my vision ensuring that her assistance was tailored to my unique needs as an author, her professionalism responsiveness genuine passion for helping me succeed and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in my book’s  success and I couldn’t be more grateful I wholeheartedly recommend the complete self-publishing services to any aspiring author looking for a trustworthy partner in their literary journey.

    Sue Elias

    Author & Self Publisher

    Self-publishing is an exciting but often overwhelming experience.  Having someone like Tammy as a support has been helpful and encouraging.  She has publishing experience.  She has design experience and has been upfront and honest as we tackled problems with my website. Her expertise, knowledge and generous nature have shined through as she encouraged me to try things on my own.  Sometimes, it just takes a little hand-holding and a few prompts to get things moving.  She is kind and patient, a good hand to hold to get the project finished. Thanks, Tammy.  

    Dee Hale

    Self Publishing Author

    Tammy Lempert author illustrator self Publishing and design services

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