Baby Memory Book


Beautifully drawn 9″ x 11″ (23×28 cm ) 50 pages with original storytelling artwork.
50 Pages + A Congratulations Card
Growth charts and teeth development charts are included!
20 Baby Milestone stickers are included!


It's all about love and memory

Our baby memory book is crafted with lots of love, originality, and great care. These watercolor beautiful illustrations of the cutest bunny and friends will escort your baby's first steps in their first years of adventures. It is the cutest way to document and record your baby's growth, and have a unique precious keepsake to reminisce on for many years to come.

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We cover every important moment through your baby’s growing years with just the right details and memories. You will find it super easy to complete your Baby First Years Memory Journal Book. 

This a DIY your baby book!
LGBT / ADOPTIVE / SINGLE PARENT / FAMILY FRIEND compatible – We use a careful selection of words with an open impression of the baby’s point of view.
50 Beautifully Designed Art Pages + Free Milestone Stickers + Growth & Teeth Charts.
Digital downloads of ALL pages are available!
Every page was 100% designed by Tammy Lempert, sized to print 9 X 11‘’  (
23×28 cm) which is just the perfect size for any standard size album.

The book includes the following pages:

Page 1: This is me

Page 2 & 3: Before I joined my family (Pregnancy photos, baby shower photos, family members Photos)

Page 4: Love at First Sight (Newborn Photos and birth facts)

Page 5: My Birth Announcement (+ space for hospital bracelet)

Page 6: Fun facts: On the day I was born (Details of the world around me)

Page 7: Here’s a letter from you to me. I’m going to love it when I’m older (A blank lined sheet for the parents to write a letter)

Page 8: Little Prints (Foot and Hand Prints)

Page 9: Home Sweet Home (First day home details and photos)

Page 10 – 33: My very first year (Details and photos to track the first year)

Here you can describe in your own words some special notes about your baby. How much they slept (or didn’t…)? Was there something that relaxed or disturbed them? If they liked something in particular or anything else you would like to save for posterity.

For each month of your baby’s life, you can add relevant stickers about their very firsts. Choose a sticker from the provided pack and place it in the relevant month.

You can also add photos celebrating a holiday or just add more cute photos that you’d like (a sleeping baby is always adorable!).

This way you can document your baby’s first milestones right when they happen.

Page 34: My first scribble (Blank page to capture the first drawing)

Page 35: Some of my favorite things during my first year (The book I loved most, a song I couldn’t stop listening to, What always made me laugh, What I loved to eat, My favorite toy, My best friend…)

Page 36 – 40: My first to fifth birthdays (Details and photos for each birthday)

Page 41: My first day at school

Page 42: My family tree (Blank spaces for you to customize your family tree)

Page 43 – I am growing (Growth chart to track your baby’s development over the first few years)

Page 44: My teeth development (Track the development of your baby’s teeth)

Page 45 – 50: Illustrate blank pages (These blank pages are for you to include more of your favorite photos as your child gets older)

20 Illustrated First Milestones Stickers: All my most important firsts (my first bath, my first smile, my first Dr. visit, my first laugh, my first tooth, first time I sat up, first time I crawled, first time I stood, first time I walked, first time I waved, my first word, my first haircut, my first solid food, first time I rolled onto my back, first time I rolled onto my tummy, blank illustrated first)

We recommend printing the designs using a high-quality printer (a laser jet or commercial printer at your local office supply store or printing service). If you are printing at home, you will get the best results printing on white or off-white cardstock paper.

When ordered you get 5 PDF files to your email.