Eddie and Piper are both facing shifts at home where a new sibling is arriving. When something imminent as this happens, this can come with a lot of big feelings. This story highlights some of the resistance to change that a new sibling brings. It also helps children to think about how each family is unique and how different dynamics impact each family member. Talk with your child after reading this book about how different families look. How was it when you had a new sibling? Acknowledge any feeling that this may bring, even if at first there is a lot of resistance as Piper and Eddie both felt. Children will inevitably feel loss with a new gain and they are shifting positions in the family. Acknowledge this. This book is an excellent tool to be able to refer back to some of Eddie and Piper’s feelings in order for your child to process their own.



Ruth Israel is an integrative child and adolescent psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. She has worked for many years in schools, charities and has taught child psychotherapists. She has used stories like these to help children to process trauma and develop a language for feelings. Ruth works in the UK and in Israel.