Grandpa Joe's Tales with Eddie the hedgehog Book series by Tammy Lempert

By tammy lempert

Tales From Grandpa Joe

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Tales From Grandpa Joe book series introduces Grandpa, a loving hedgehog who knows just at a glance any difficulty his grandson Eddie experiences. Through a funny, exciting, and always entertaining story, Grandpa provides Eddie with a new angle to come up with a creative solution to his problems.

Tales From Grandpa Joe Books

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Thr T-Rex That Didn't Belong by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

The T-Rex That Didn’t Belong

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Meet T-Rex. He’s a scary dinosaur with a tender soul. All he wants is a friend to hang out with.
But trying to find a friend is hard when everyone is running away.

Tales From Grandpa Joe - The Sleepless Bunny by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

The Sleepless Bunny

Tales From Grandpa Joe

When Bunny can’t fall asleep because his mind is overloaded with thoughts, he finds fun and creative ways to calm his mind. Will the enchanting journey help Bunny finally fall asleep?

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Tortoise Gets Bullied by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Tortoise Gets Bullied

Tales From Grandpa Joe

When Tortoise wakes up one morning with a strange feeling on his shell, he quickly realizes he has an unwanted guest. A stork has claimed his shell as her nest site and nothing he can do seems to make her leave. 

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Piper Becomes a Big Sister by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Piper Becomes a Big Sister

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Eddie is worried about the arrival of a little brother or sister. Grandpa Joe tells him about Piper who’s facing the same thing. Can Piper find the best solution to deal with the arrival of her new sibling?

Tales From Grandpa Joe - Ellie is Moving by Tammy Lempert Author and Illustrator

Ellie is

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Eddie is upset. Last night, his mom had told him they would be moving to a new house. He fears he won’t be able to make new friends. Will he overcome and even get excited about the big move?

A Little Elf Saves Christmas

A Little Elf Saves Christmas

Tales From Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe tells a heartfelt Christmas story that empowers young children with the understanding that they are never too young to make a difference. 

Tales from Grandpa Joe, A Picture Book Treasury

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The T-Rex That Didn’t Belong is an excellent choice for parents. Tammy Lempert has created a book that is appropriate for children in a variety of ways. Grandpa Joe exemplifies an appropriate environment for children to feel safe and comfortable exploring and verbalizing their emotions and concerns: he demonstrates that Eddie’s emotions are valid and, without undermining them, he assists Eddie in processing them on his own. Lempert expands on this with advice for parents in difficult situations at the back of the book. Lempert sends a strong message to her readers: it’s okay to be different. She does not, however, ignore the fear that it entails. It’s frightening to act differently than the people around you. It is. That is a valid emotion. But she also emphasizes that you should not stop doing things you enjoy because of what others may think and that you do not have to do them alone. Overall, this is a book that I strongly advise parents to purchase.

Paula García Lasa

Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

Tortoise Gets Bullied was a pleasure to read. I enjoy reading books that teach children important life lessons, and this particular lesson is one of my favorites. I love that the author included a story within a story, as it gives a nice touch to the book. Many children will, unfortunately, experience bullying, and should be educated on how to deal with it, and this book will certainly do that. The illustrations are adorable, and colorful, and will attract young readers’ attention from the very first page. I enjoyed every part of this story by Tammy Lempert and I hope to see more from her soon. She has a talent for writing children’s content and I wish her all the best in her future creations.

Amy Louise Hill

Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

The Sleepless Bunny is an entertaining book that children will love. Tammy Lempert has amazed me once again with her creativity. Every story she writes oozes imagination. She is great at coming up with solutions to problems children may be experiencing, and displaying them through lovable characters. As well as being a talented children’s author, Tammy also illustrates adorable characters in her books. The front cover will surely grab the attention of any young reader as it is colorful and bright. The dialogue is written simply to aid children in following along more easily. I recommend this book to anyone with children, whether they struggle to sleep or not, because either way, being entertained is guaranteed.

Amy Louise Hill

Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

Ellie is Moving is a touching story within a story. Talented author Tammy Lempert has once again delighted readers with her thoughtful words of reassurance. If you are currently in the process of moving home and are struggling to get your children on board, then this book will be perfect for easing them into the transition. It will show them that no matter where they are, friends old and new will always be there. It also highlights the adventure of moving somewhere new which will hopefully open children’s minds even more. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and can’t wait to read more of Lempert’s work. Congrats on the book, stay creative, and keep writing!

Amy Louise Hill

Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

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