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Tammy Lempert
Tammy Lempert

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since 2019

Hello, I’m Tammy Lempert, a mom to three and a multi-faceted creative—author, illustrator, self-publisher, graphic designer, and self-publishing coach. With 14 award-winning children’s books under my belt and a track record of coaching countless authors to fulfill their publishing dreams, I’m wholeheartedly committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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 Elevate your children’s book self-publishing journey with expert guidance as a seasoned self-publisher, skilled graphic designer, and dedicated self-publishing coach

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My Mission

My mission is to minimize your missteps and prevent needless financial setbacks, so I strongly encourage you to heed the recommendations provided. I’ve incorporated detailed, user-friendly workflows to keep you on the right track and equip you with insights that can be game-changers..


My Focus

My core focus will be step-by-step tutorials, complete with clear instructions to follow from inception to fruition. You’ll also receive an in-depth workbook featuring valuable checklists at the end of each module. Additionally, you’ll gain access to pre-vetted services and direct links for each topic’s workflow.


 My Aim

My ultimate goal is to demystify the entire process, rendering it easily understandable and free of overwhelming challenges. With this comprehensive course as your guide, I assure you that you’ll be thoroughly equipped and well-prepared to successfully publish your book and make your dream come true.


I  am a self-published author who just finished my second book. I struggle with certain issues and was fortunate that a friend recommended I contact Tammy Lepert. I am very grateful for the help Tammy has given me. I was having difficulty with getting my newest book on KDP and Ingram Spark. What should have been an easy task became overwhelming for me. Tammy took over and made it all happen. We emailed, sent texts, and even had a Zoom meeting. She created my A+, did my categories and keywords, and created a Media Kit for me. She was prompt, listened, and conquered all the challenges I was facing. And, voila… my book is on Amazon. Thank you, Tammy.

Linda Hansen

Author and Self Publisher

As a new self-publishing author, Tammy was instrumental in helping me by creating social media posts for my book launch, designing my media kit as well as my A+ content on Amazon and assisting me with giving my website a much needed facelift. She is knowledgeable and fluent in using the KDP, IngramSpark, Canva and Wix platforms among others. Tammy is so easy to work with, informative and creative. She responds to emails and requests quickly, her pricing is competitive and she is willing to teach you along the way. I have learnt a lot from working with her and intend on using her services for my next picture book.

Samantha Reynolds

Author and Self Publisher

Let’s Learn Together!

If you’ve penned your book and are eager to share it with the world, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. In my comprehensive 10-module course, tailored for authors in the children’s book genre but universally applicable, I’ll be your guiding light. Together, we’ll embark on an immersive self-publishing journey.