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Hi, I’m Tammy, author and illustrator of children’s books! I am a mom of three kids and I have tackled many parenting challenges that all of us face as parents of children.

One child finds it difficult to fall asleep at night. Every night. Another has fears of imaginary monsters. One is dealing with social pressure or bullying, while another seems to automatically refuse everything, mainly to see the extra white hair growing live on his mother’s head with every such confrontation.

In my book series, I try to provide a fun and creative way to help children deal with difficulties they experience daily. Hoping to offer parents another tool to help their children.

Through enjoyable tales and vivid illustrations, I enlist Grandpa Joe, a loving hedgehog who knows just at a glance any difficulty his grandson Eddie experiences.
Through a funny, exciting, and always fun story, Grandpa provides Eddie with a new angle to come up with a creative solution to his problems.

With these fun tales told by Grandpa Joe to Eddie, I wish to bring values of kindness and friendship along with a mindfulness philosophy to children everywhere.
I hope my books will delight young readers as well as provide meaningful values and helpful tools for life that are fun and easy to understand.

The book series is recommended for every parent and every grandparent who wants to give a child tool to deal with problems that everyone is experiencing in a pleasant, entertaining and creative way, which combines insights from the world of mindfulness and positive thinking.

So if you are looking for a story to read along with children or fun read alouds for kindergarten kids just grab one of the series now!


We have a responsibility to our children to prepare them for a better tomorrow through teaching them kindness, friendship, appreciation, and care for every living thing on earth. If we can do all that in a fun way there’s even a chance it will actually work.

– tammy lempert

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